Ann Wolff: Trap or Transit

Ann Wolff

May 3 - June 2, 2018
may 3rd, 2018


Embedded with poetic sensibility, the luminous forms showcase Wolff's most recent explorations in glass. The artist utilizes the staircase as a connotation of time, and the complex optics of cast crystal to create visually beguiling musings on the vacillation of life: the coming, going and folding back on itself of time and our own unique perceptions of it. Staircases leading at once somewhere and nowhere at all, the pieces allude to both the futility and beauty of human endeavors.

Jiro Yonezawa: New Works in Bamboo

Jiro Yonezawa

May 3 - June 2, 2018
may 3rd, 2018


The show presents 17 original sculptural works constructed of Japanese madake bamboo, exploring the strength and flexibility of the material. Each piece showcases Yonezawa's masterful understanding of traditional Japanese basketry and an evolving sensibility towards this ancient craft.

The artist utilizes a singular palette of loose, open weaves and intensely colored lacquers to create these solitary forms. His minimalistic designs capture an array of concurrent expressions; defining the subtle balance between history and modernity, line and form, and motion and stillness.

Jun Kaneko: Visual Language

Jun Kaneko

June 7 - 30, 2018
june 7th 2018

This large-scale exhibition brings together over 30 unique pieces, pairing Kaneko's newest series of blue and white Dangos and panels with significant masterworks from the artist's archives. Known for his experimental ceramic works and public installations, his artistry transcends beyond a singular medium. Kaneko seamlessly integrates painting, drawing, and sculpture, utilizing myriad methodologies to explore the relational aspects of scale and environment.